Rosen Hagood Dishes Up Some Holiday Help

Rosen Hagood
Rosen Hagood December 4, 2019

On Monday, December 2nd, five members of the Rosen Hagood family stepped up to help make the holidays a little brighter for those with loved ones in the hospital. Chip Bruorton, Andrew Gowdown, Dana Beltz, Carla Peterson and Brianna Martinez dished up a healthy serving of support through the Medical University of South Carolina’s Family Meals program at the MUSC Children’s Hospital in downtown Charleston.

Explained Bruorton, “Earlier this year, my middle son was hospitalized for six days at MUSC Children’s Hospital.  The Family Meals program was inspiring.   My family was so grateful for the volunteers who took time away from their own families to provide and serve a meal that I suggested to my colleagues that we as a firm support this cause.  Needless to say, the firm was all in.”

The Family Meals program is simple: individuals and organizations volunteer to provide and serve meals to family members who have children in the hospital. This seemingly simple act lessens the financial burden on families and provides community members with opportunities to volunteer without going through the complete volunteer requirement process, which is at least a four-week commitment. From humble beginnings of serving one meal a week, Family Meals now has volunteer groups serving as many as three meals a week.

The Rosen Hagood team dished up 77 meals for 35 families.  After the families were fed, plenty of food remained to serve nurses and other medical staff. Rosen Hagood intends to make the Family Meals program a regular part of the firm’s volunteer activity and its longstanding commitment to support the community Rosen Hagood has been providing legal services to for over seventy years.

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