Factor of Age in the Comparative Negligence Analysis

Elizabeth F. Nicholson August 12, 2019

Typically, when one party’s negligence injures another party, the party at fault may be sued. When it’s unclear who’s at fault, or when there is more than one person to blame, the question then becomes one of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence can sometimes be asserted as a defense to a negligence claim. Comparative negligence simply …

Primer on Guardians, Conservators & Incapacitated Adults

Elizabeth July 16, 2019

Baby Boomers—Americans born between 1946 and 1964—now account for nearly 50 million people nationwide, according to census data. South Carolina is home to more than 800,000 of them, and it is anticipated that the number will grow to roughly one million by 2025. That’s nearly a quarter of the state’s population. With this aging population …

The Corporate Check-in – Spring Cleaning

John June 13, 2019

The late Anthony Bourdain once said that “If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it’s the restaurant business.” It’s also good, perhaps, for pounding into you the incredible importance of observing all the corporate formalities required by the state of South Carolina, thanks to the recent South Carolina Supreme Court case of …

Rene Stuhr Dukes Featured by The American Bar

Rosen Hagood
Rosen Hagood April 25, 2019

Charleston, SC -Rene Stuhr Dukes, a member of Rosen Hagood’s family law practice group, was recently featured by the American Bar in connection with the pro bono work she performed in the aftermath of the 2015 mass shooting tragedy at Charleston’s Mother Emmanuel AME Church. In a complicated child custody matter, Dukes successfully represented the …

Rosen Hagood Announces Community Service Scholarship Winner

Rosen Hagood
Rosen Hagood April 18, 2019

Charleston, SC – Charleston-based law firm Rosen Hagood announced today the winner of the first Rosen Hagood Community Service Scholarship. The recipient is Kingston Handley, a junior at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. The scholarship seeks to recognize students who have demonstrated their commitment to community service which has played, and will continue …

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