Car Accidents: Who’s At Fault?

Andrew D. Gowdown June 30, 2020

In car accidents, it is often clear that one party is completely at fault. If someone runs a stop sign in broad daylight, with no other extenuating factors, and T-bones another driver who has the green light, there isn’t much doubt about fault. But sometimes things aren’t as clear. What then? What happens when the …

Defense to Tortious Interference with Contract

Elizabeth May 18, 2020
Charleston Tortious Interference Lawyer

There’s Justification. And Then There’s Justification. Tortious Interference with Contracts in South Carolina. Whether you’re a hummingbird, a professional golfer, or a distributor of beauty supplies, competition is a fact of life. Mates, trophies and sales territories are valuable, and if you want one, you’re going to have to beat out other people (or birds) …

Oppression of Shareholders, Good Faith & Duty of Loyalty

Timothy J.W. Muller April 30, 2020
Data Charts

Limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and limited partnerships generally must look to a state’s business organization statutes for answers when disputes arise amongst shareholders or members. South Carolina is no different. South Carolina’s business organization statutes–found in Title 33 of the South Carolina Code–provide remedies for oppressed shareholders, partners, or members of an LLC. Those …

Data Privacy – What To Expect

Bijan Ghom April 13, 2020
Charleston Data Privacy

In today’s economy, data is increasingly considered the world’s most valuable business asset. Whether your business is collecting website data to better understand your audience, or your business purchases a list of leads to target, you’re using data to benefit your bottom line. Depending on the data you collect, there is a possibility that some …

Financial Assistance During the Covid-19 Crisis

Rene S. Dukes
Rene S. Dukes April 1, 2020
Rosen Hagood Plaque

We are united in our efforts to combat not only the disease, but also the financial devastation that COVID-19 has wrought on our nation and our community. This pandemic is neither employer nor employee friendly.  Whether you are an individual or a company who is experiencing the monetary impact of COVID-19, there may be help …

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