The Limitations On Defendants During A Default Judgment Damages Hearing

Rosen Hagood June 16, 2021

A default judgment has serious repercussions. In South Carolina, a party that has been served with the complaint (the defendant) has 30 days to file an answer. There are certain rules that have to be followed with respect to the contents of that answer. A defendant can also request an extension of time to answer. …

What Can A Beneficiary Do To Remedy A Breach Of Trust?

Bijan Ghom June 10, 2021
Breach of Trust. Probate. Trustee

A trust is a legal vehicle that allows a trustee to hold and direct assets on behalf of a beneficiary. Trustees have extraordinary power to manage a trust and are often responsible for large sums of money, real property, and other assets. Because trustees are entrusted with another’s property, they are considered fiduciaries, and therefore …

What’s Next for the S.C. Heritage Act?

Rosen Hagood May 27, 2021

Update – May 2021: Last summer in our blog, Good to Know, we addressed the Heritage Act. This week the South Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments to do away with a divisive 2000 state law protecting some of the state’s most controversial monuments and statutes, 21 years after lawmakers passed the law as a compromise to …

Civil Conspiracy in South Carolina

Rosen Hagood May 21, 2021

If a person or business is harmed by the wrongful plans and acts of others working together, the harmed entity has an avenue for recovery through pleading a civil conspiracy claim. Since 1981, South Carolina courts have required a pleading of special damages due to a Supreme Court ruling known as the Todd decision. In …

How South Carolina Distinguishes Between Independent Contractors and Employees

Elizabeth May 13, 2021

Independent contractors are playing an increasingly common role in our economy, with the advent of the gig economy and more freelance jobs than ever before. When done properly, classifying a worker as an independent contractor can save a company significant money on taxes, insurance, and overhead. However, if a worker is incorrectly classified, it could …

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