Attorneys’ Fees and Success in Trust Disputes

Daniel “Frank” Blanchard, III January 13, 2021

One of the inevitable, but regrettable, realities of trust and estate law is disputes. Ideally, these can be resolved by discussion and compromise. When they can’t, they often wind up in court, which means engaging counsel, litigation, and ultimately, legal fees. Who pays those fees? Consider the not-uncommon scenario in which one trustee decides to …

Family Court Sanctions

Rene S. Dukes January 8, 2021

Family law is not like other kinds of law. If you’re a corporate lawyer, or a tax attorney, or a land use lawyer, your clients are either businesses, or at most, you are dealing with their money. But family law is different. It deals with families, and often, children. And as a result, the parties …

Rosen Hagood Law Firm Announces the Addition of F. Truett Nettles, II as Of Counsel

Rosen Hagood
Rosen Hagood December 9, 2020

Charleston, SC. (December 8, 2020) – Rosen Hagood is pleased to announce that F. Truett Nettles, II has joined the firm as Of Counsel. “We are pleased to have Truett join the firm,” said Andrew Gowdown, co-managing partner of the firm. “His decades of experience and broad areas of practice are a nice compliment to …

The Growing Threat of Deepfakes to the Legal Profession – Part Two

Bijan Ghom November 13, 2020

In our last post, we explained what a deepfake is, its growing sophistication, and its role in the practice of law. Now that you understand what deepfakes are and why they are a problem for lawyers and judges, here is a list of some tips and strategies for addressing deepfakes: Recognize inconsistencies. Even highly advanced …

The Growing Threat of Deepfakes to the Legal Profession

Bijan Ghom October 27, 2020

Once upon a time, people worried that Adobe Photoshop would enable anyone around the world to create images so lifelike that history itself could be rewritten with just a little experience in graphic design. While Photoshopped or “shopped” images remain a legitimate threat to truth, technology has advanced much further than even the gloomiest of …

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