Understanding the Role of Percipient Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

Mary Harriet Moore June 10, 2024
percipient expert witness

In personal injury litigation, the testimony of expert witnesses can be crucial in establishing liability and quantifying damages. While most people are familiar with the role of retained experts who provide opinions based on their specialized knowledge, there is another type of expert witness that can be equally valuable: the percipient expert witness. What is …

FAQs About Workers’ Compensation Claims for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

David G. Jennings February 27, 2024
Noise induced hearing loss

Are you suffering from hearing loss as a result of working as a federal employee in a loud workplace? If so, our hearing loss attorneys may be able to help. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise at work each year. This noise level can lead to …

Andrew Gowdown Elected President of the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina Board of Directors

Andrew D. Gowdown February 8, 2024

Andrew Gowdown, a managing partner at Rosen Hagood, has been involved with the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina (BIASC) for several years. At the start of 2024, he stepped into a new role as the President of the Board of Directors. As a personal injury attorney who frequently works with survivors of traumatic brain …

Can You Sue for Post-Concussion Syndrome?

Andrew D. Gowdown December 11, 2023
can you sue for post-concussion syndrome

Personal injury survivors have the right to seek compensation for the harms inflicted upon them by negligent, or careless, parties. These harms include physical as well as mental, cognitive, and emotional injuries. Concussions, or mild traumatic brain injuries, are commonly experienced by individuals who have been in car accidents, suffered a slip and fall, or …

What Types of Damages Can You Recover in a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Andrew D. Gowdown December 6, 2023
Truck accident damages

Compared to accidents involving passenger vehicles, truck accidents tend to be catastrophic. Factors such as the size and weight of the truck can cause permanent, life-altering injuries. Those who survive these wrecks have the right to seek damages against the responsible parties. But recovering those truck accident damages is no easy task and should only …

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