What is personal injury protection?

Andrew D. Gowdown May 23, 2022

Personal injury protection insurance, also called PIP or no-fault insurance, pays a policyholder’s medical expenses regardless of who is responsible for an accident. Although this coverage is optional, it can provide much-needed financial relief without worrying about fault. As with any sort of insurance coverage, however, actually compelling the insurer to pay what it promised …

The Basics of a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

Andrew D. Gowdown March 25, 2022
Andrew D. Gowdown

Suffering a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a devastating and potentially permanent life change. And if the injury was caused by someone’s negligence, the victim has the right to seek monetary compensation. But filing and litigating a TBI lawsuit is no simple matter, and the at-fault party will virtually be guaranteed to have aggressive …

Calculating Damages in a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Andrew D. Gowdown March 23, 2022
Andrew D. Gowdown

Proving damages in a brain injury lawsuit is one of the most important and complicated steps. What some victims may not know is that there is only one chance to get the damages right. If the victim incurs more losses after the trial or settlement, and those losses were not already accounted for, he or …

Can Personal Injury Be Mental?

Rosen Hagood February 22, 2022

After suffering an accident or other personal injury, the focus is usually on the victim’s physical condition. While physical injuries can be quite severe, not enough attention is always given to the victim’s mental state. The fact is, personal injuries can affect the entire body, including the mind. Failure to take non-physical aspects into account …

How Personal Injury compensation is calculated

Andrew D. Gowdown January 24, 2022

After suffering a personal injury, you have the right to file either a claim through the negligent party’s insurance company or a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Personal injury claims are designed to make you whole by providing monetary compensation that makes up for your losses. But calculating the amount of compensation, also known as …

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