How to Preserve and Enforce a Mechanic’s Lien in SC

Elizabeth F. Nicholson November 19, 2019

A mechanic’s lien is a construction lien created by statute to protect contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers “to whom a debt is due for labor performed or furnished or for materials furnished and actually used in the erection, alteration, or repair of a building or structure upon real estate or the boring and equipping of …

Web Scraping – Liability for Harvesting Data

Bijan Ghom October 9, 2019

How can I protect my company’s website data? Can a company (or an individual) use information on my website to its advantage? Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction are all terms used to describe the process of extracting data from websites.  This process is common on the internet and typically done with code …

Contractual Review: “Best Efforts” Provisions

Timothy J.W. Muller August 28, 2019

It’s not uncommon for commercial contracts (of all types) to contain clauses requiring one or both of the parties to exercise their “best efforts” to ensure that a condition is met or that a contractual promise is upheld. Sometimes these obligations are instead couched in terms which demand “all commercially reasonable efforts” or just “reasonable …

The Corporate Check-in – Spring Cleaning

John June 13, 2019

The late Anthony Bourdain once said that “If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it’s the restaurant business.” It’s also good, perhaps, for pounding into you the incredible importance of observing all the corporate formalities required by the state of South Carolina, thanks to the recent South Carolina Supreme Court case of …

“Blockchain” Technology – What is it and How Can it Affect Your Business?

Bijan Ghom March 15, 2019

In every industry, business owners are searching for more efficient ways to run their business from both a cost and/or time perspective. Often, companies look to technology to cut out unnecessary waste in their value chain. Blockchain technology, an increasingly popular technology, has become an avenue for many businesses that are looking for a competitive …

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