Car Accidents: Who’s At Fault?

Andrew D. Gowdown June 30, 2020

In car accidents, it is often clear that one party is completely at fault. If someone runs a stop sign in broad daylight, with no other extenuating factors, and T-bones another driver who has the green light, there isn’t much doubt about fault. But sometimes things aren’t as clear. What then? What happens when the …

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week

Rosen Hagood October 25, 2019
National Teen Driver Safety Week

Sometimes, in the middle of the tsunami of information we’re all immersed in, you see a single fact that both stops you in your metaphorical tracks, and makes something important very, very clear. In this case, it’s two: a) The single biggest cause of death among teenagers is unintentional injury. b) Around 75% of those …

Buyer Beware: Paying the Price for Cheaper Rideshare Fares

Andrew D. Gowdown September 23, 2019
Charleston Rideshare Lawyer

You may have encountered this scenario: you get into your Uber or Lyft and you and the driver get to talking. You tell him or her that you’re going to be in town all day and will be using Uber to get around. The driver offers to take you around for a flat fee or …

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