Checklist: What to Expect During Your First Meeting with a Family Law Attorney

Alex B. Cash February 7, 2024

Regardless of whether you’ve just been served divorce papers, just found out that your spouse is committing adultery, or are just wondering what a divorce might involve because your marriage is not working, you will likely have a lot of questions as well as some anxiety. That is normal. We are here to answer those questions and educate you on the family court process.

Typically, at the first meeting, we like to get a history of your marriage, discuss your children’s needs, get a picture of overall financial situation, and find out what your goals are in the first meeting. We can explain to you the issues that will be addressed in your family court case, and we will come up with an initial plan on how to proceed. We will explain how the legal process generally works and also explore various options on how you wish to proceed.  This may involve looking at the pros and cons of filing a suit right away versus attempting to schedule a pre-suit mediation/settlement conference to see if issues can be worked out without the cost of litigation.  Regardless, we will educate you on your options to see what best serves your needs.

If possible, it is always helpful to bring copies of tax returns, current statements for investments and bank accounts, and other financial records. However, if your spouse controls those documents and you don’t have possession of such records, do not worry. We can gain access to them during the discovery process of your case.

Where to Park and How to Find the Office

Our office is in the Gateway Center building at the corner of East Bay Street and Calhoun Street. We are in the “North” tower of this office complex. Parking underneath our building is very limited, but we do have one dedicated spot labeled “Rosen Hagood”. If the spot is unavailable, you will see a parking garage across the street on the other side of the railroad tracks (commonly known as the Aquarium parking garage). You can park there and have your parking ticket validated before leaving our office.

Once you enter our office building, you’ll see an elevator in the small North tower lobby, which you will take to the fourth floor and find the entrance to our office on your left. Inside, we have a virtual receptionist with a screen that will allow you to check in for your appointment.

Office Address: 

40 Calhoun Street
Suite 450
Charleston, SC 29401

Here’s a map of our parking garage. 

Charleston Family Lawyer

Alex Cash, our family law partner, is well known in Charleston for his vast experience representing clients navigating divorce and child custody issues.  Alex has more than three decades of experience handling family law cases ranging from routine family court settlements to complex cases involving business valuations of solely owned small businesseshigh income and net worth cases, and custody matters.

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