The Post and Courier article – “A Job to Do”

Rosen Hagood February 4, 2014

Alice Paylor and her husband, Kit were interviewed by the Post and Courier on 2/4/2014. Kit is being treated for head and neck cancer and wants to raise awareness for the HPV vaccine available for boys that will prevent them from getting this type of cancer.

As he was interviewed, his eyes and face had the classic look of a “game face,” prepared for battle with a formidable foe.

“I’m apprehensive, but I’m ready” admits Regnery, who has read four books on cancer since his diagnosis in December. “But I’m treating this (fighting the cancer) like a job. I’ve got a job to do. I want to do everything I’m supposed to do and more, the holistic things, too.”

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Charleston broker with HPV-related throat cancer raises awareness for vaccine, symptoms and treatment

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