When you start a business with someone else, you enter into the partnership looking forward to helping each other build a successful organization. Often when entrepreneurs enter into business they don’t look ahead and plan for issues arising within a partnership, including owner deadlock, compensation and management disputes, and retirement or succession agreements. Unfortunately problems can arise and cause even the best partnerships to go awry.

One violation of your rights could be as simple as the failure of your partner to provide relevant information in a timely manner, but the breach of trust such a violation creates has even greater implications than just not receiving the information. Your personal relationships may suffer because of questionable business practices, making the litigation process as much about respect and emotional turmoil as money.

Our business attorneys have years of experience helping with business disputes, including:

A partnership or shareholder dispute could threaten both your business and the security of your personal assets. Pursuing legal action against a business partner is often a painful process, as the disputes typically extend beyond financial considerations. Our team of experienced business lawyers understands the significance of a trustworthy business partner, and works on behalf of our clients to preserve their rights in business partnerships, LLCs, and other corporate entities.