Deck Structure and Liability Issues for Property Owners

Rosen Hagood August 10, 2021
construction woman standing on a deck

Adding a deck to your home or business improves its value and allows you to enjoy the outdoors. However, a poorly constructed deck can open the door to major liability issues. If someone is injured because of a deck on your property, when can you be held liable? How might factors like the age of …

Understanding South Carolina Residential Real Estate Closing Disclosures

Elizabeth F. Nicholson July 1, 2021
two men shaking hands in front of a house for sale sign

To sell a piece of residential real estate in South Carolina, such as a house, the seller is required by law to disclose certain information. The purpose of these disclosures is to ensure that the buyer is aware of known defects and problems with the property. There are numerous types of defects, all of which …

Preservation of Lien Rights

Timothy J.W. Muller February 3, 2021

Distilled down to its absolute essentials, a mechanic’s lien is a way for tradespeople to make sure they get paid for their work. As straightforward as this seems, the purpose and operation of mechanic’s liens (also known as a construction lien, a materialman’s lien, a supplier’s lien, or a laborer’s lien) is often confusing to …

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