As an entrepreneur or inventor, your ideas, creations, and inventions are your most valuable source of income. Your unique perspectives and abilities, original concepts, and innovative practices help drive your success in your field. When an outside party infringes on your intellectual property, they not only steal your ideas, but limit the benefit you can receive from your own creative efforts as well as negatively impact the viability of your business and career.  Piracy of trade secrets, proprietary, and confidential information and infringement of intellectual property rights can injure your relationships with customers, clients, and business partners and negatively affect your business reputation and good will.

Our creative and inventive clients look to us for protection in the following areas:

  • Patent Law
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Secrets, Proprietary, and Confidential Information
  • Original Designs
  • Intellectual Property Audits and Due Diligence
  • IP Portfolio Analysis
  • IP Management
  • Licensing and Branding
  • Sourcing Transactions
  • Privacy Protection
  • International Trade Disputes
  • Covenants Not to Disclose Trade Secrets, Proprietary, or Confidential Information and Other Restrictive Covenants
  • Nondisparagement agreements

Theft of original work is much worse than theft of money or property, as truly worthwhile ideas cannot be duplicated like material goods. Such a severe violation of your rights deserves to be pursued aggressively with diligence and zeal, and this is why our attorneys take a special focus on trademark, copyright, and intellectual property litigation.

We have decades of combined experience navigating the intricacies of copyright and trademark laws, giving you a competitive advantage when our attorneys handle your intellectual property case. No one but you deserves the success you’ve earned with your insight and savvy, and our firm strives to preserve the rich rewards of your ingenuity with our meticulous work.