We’re Here to Help You Seek the Justice You Deserve

Our team of personal injury attorneys offer a combination of skill, experience, compassion, and assertiveness that is ideal for successfully handling car accident cases. Whether your situation requires litigation or alternative dispute resolution, our team is up to the challenge and eager to serve as your dedicated legal advocate.

Experience and Understanding with the Most Complex & Catastrophic Injuries

Our attorneys have managed car accident cases involving back injury, brain injury, serious burns, spinal cord injury and paralysis, and wrongful death. When advantageous, we partner with highly respected experts, including accident reconstructionists, doctors, and financial professionals, to assess evidence. These advisors help us present effective arguments to juries and build strong cases that protect our clients’ interests. Our thorough and methodical approach has helped us establish a statewide reputation for success in car accident cases.

You know there’s no way to undo a car accident or erase an injury. At Rosen Hagood, we want to help you achieve the best resolution possible for you and your loved ones.