What’s Next for the S.C. Heritage Act?

Rosen Hagood May 27, 2021

Update – May 2021: Last summer in our blog, Good to Know, we addressed the Heritage Act. This week the South Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments to do away with a divisive 2000 state law protecting some of the state’s most controversial monuments and statutes, 21 years after lawmakers passed the law as a compromise to …

Civil Conspiracy in South Carolina

Rosen Hagood May 21, 2021

If a person or business is harmed by the wrongful plans and acts of others working together, the harmed entity has an avenue for recovery through pleading a civil conspiracy claim. Since 1981, South Carolina courts have required a pleading of special damages due to a Supreme Court ruling known as the Todd decision. In …

Remembering Macon Bolling Allen’s Contributions To The Charleston Bar

Rosen Hagood February 16, 2021

February is Black History Month, and Rosen Hagood recognizes and celebrates the many contributions African Americans have made in the world of the law. We begin our first in a series of articles that take a closer look at these achievements by remembering Macon Bolling Allen and his legal legacy here in Charleston. When Allen …

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