Common Brain Injuries from Car and Trucking Accidents

Andrew D. Gowdown February 27, 2023
Andrew D. Gowdown

Car and trucking accidents can result in a number of injuries, some more significant than others. Among the most serious that survivors can experience are those that affect the brain. Any sort of damage to the brain can have a permanent, life-changing impact on the individual. Injured persons and their families have the right to …

Rosen Hagood Law Firm Welcomes New Member

Rosen Hagood January 10, 2023
Elizabeth Nicholson

Rosen Hagood is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Nicholson has been named as a non-equity member of the firm, effective January 1, 2023. Nicholson focuses her practice on business and commercial litigation, construction law and litigation, personal injury, real estate litigation, and employment law. “We are delighted to have Elizabeth become a non-equity member of …

Rosen Hagood Law Firm Welcomes New Attorney

Rosen Hagood December 16, 2022

Rosen Hagood is pleased to announce that Taylor Ambrosius has joined the firm as an associate attorney. Ambrosius practices in the areas of employment law, construction law and litigation, business and commercial litigation, and probate, estate, and trust litigation. “We are delighted to have Taylor join the firm,” said co-managing partner, Andrew Gowdown. She is …

How to Become the Personal Representative of Your Parents’ Estate

Daniel “Frank” Blanchard, III July 21, 2022

Children often want to ensure that their parents’ estates will be properly administered after their deaths. Parents, in turn, naturally desire that their children should take over their personal affairs after they pass away. The personal representative is the individual responsible for taking care of a person’s estate, and there are several different ways to …

How Expert Witness Testimony Can Help My Brain Injury Lawsuit

Rosen Hagood July 1, 2022
Andrew D. Gowdown

Any kind of personal injury lawsuit is complicated, but those involving brain injuries are especially complex. Not only is every brain injury different, but the medical explanation of how they occur and the health consequences that survivors suffer can sometimes be difficult to understand. Juries, however, are diverse, and it is likely that none of …

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