Peace of Mind During a Painful Situation

Rosen Hagood’s team of traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorneys possesses the capacity to take effective legal action when a TBI leads to litigation—under the conviction that the severity of an injury is not always an indication of how significant the consequences will be. We understand that people who incur even “mild” brain injuries often suffer life-altering consequences and that negligent or malicious parties should be held accountable.

TBI litigation is complex and demands both seasoned legal representation and the expertise of medical professionals. In some TBI cases,  the injury is obvious; however, it is more common that relevant medical issues need to be thoroughly examined and evaluated.

Rosen Hagood’s brain injury lawyers are committed to the clients they serve. We recognize that a brain injury affects the whole family, not just the victim.

We also understand the financial drain as well as the physical and emotional toll clients face after suffering from a brain injury. Rosen Hagood is equipped with powerful resources enabling the firm’s attorneys to fully investigate the details of an incident, advise on strategy, and leverage the knowledge of medical and other experts to bring your case to the best possible resolution.