If you’ve been wrongfully terminated from a job, you may need assistance in regaining not just your reputation but your livelihood too. Our South Carolina employment attorneys have experience in helping people like you, honest and hard workers who were terminated under questionable circumstances. We’ll fully investigate your employment – from hiring through firing—to see what recourse you may have.

Even though most employees in South Carolina are employed for an indefinite period, which is generally terminable at the will of either party, your termination may not have been legal. Some examples of wrongful termination involve discrimination based on:

•  Gender

•  Race

•  Color

•  Age

•  Protected Disability

•  Religion

•  National origin

South Carolina’s Courts have also recognized wrongful termination claims based on an employer’s failure to follow procedures mandated in employee handbooks, bulletins, or other documents disseminated during the employment relationship or when the employer made oral assurances to the employee regarding continued employment or the permissible grounds for termination.  Another exception to the traditional rule of “at-will” employment is when the employee’s termination constitutes a violation of a clear mandate of public policy, such as when an employer requires an employee to violate the law or the reason for the employee’s termination was itself a violation of criminal law.  Wrongful termination claims have also been recognized in instances where the employer fired the employee in retaliation for asserting rights under the South Carolina Payment of Wages Act or for reporting his or her wage payment complaints to the South Carolina Department of Labor.

Claims for “constructive discharge” have been recognized when the employer deliberately made the employee’s working conditions so intolerable that a reasonable person in his or her position would be compelled to resign.

If you feel you were unjustly fired, our employment lawyers will help you assess your wrongful termination claim and pursue appropriate legal action. Our attorneys are also experienced in representing and advising employees through grievance procedures, disciplinary hearings, and other internal appeals processes.