There are over ten thousand lawyers in South Carolina. Why us?

Because, over the last seventy years, we have built Rosen Hagood into more than just a law firm we are proud to be part of, we’ve created what we believe is the ideal firm for anyone who needs legal representation in South Carolina.

Our firm is small, by design, which ensures that every single one of our clients receives personal, hands-on attention. We’re big enough to go toe-to-toe with anyone when we need to, but small enough to enable our attorneys to really listen, to take their time, and to genuinely partner with clients. We mentor our junior lawyers, and back up our seasoned practitioners. And we truly care, in a way few firms still do. We do because we think it’s important, and because it makes us better lawyers. And our clients benefit from all of this.

We have extraordinarily deep roots in South Carolina, and in Charleston. This really makes a difference, and is a huge asset to our clients. Three Rosen Hagood partners have led the South Carolina Bar Association. Whether it’s a negotiation or a trial, we probably know the person on the other side of the table. If we need an expert, we know who to call. We will put our technical and professional ability up against anyone’s. This state is our home, and we know it well. Whether you’re negotiating a contract, dealing with business litigation, or seeking compensation for a personal injury, we’re who you want on your side. We get things done here.

Personal attention. Know-how. And seven decades of South Carolina legal experience. That’s Rosen Hagood.