Serving Your Needs with a Wide Range of Employment Law Experience

Employment law is governed by a vast, interrelated network of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. A partial list of the issues our employment law team has dealt with would include claims of discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (particularly in educational settings), wrongful termination, noncompetes, and proceedings involving numerous government agencies, including the EEOC, NLRB, DOL, and OSHA.

Our employment law team has a particular strength in employment issues involving schools and school districts and management, as well as in working with executives and other highly compensated individuals on the negotiation of employment contracts, severance agreements and noncompetes. Our experience, training, and knowledge of the law makes Rosen Hagood the choice for when a labor and employment issue is at stake.

There is, however, much more to our work than that.

Employment law involves human beings and their lives at work. Behavior, motivation, cultural norms, expectations – all these things play a role in what people do on the job. Accordingly, perhaps the most valuable asset we bring to our work is our judgment and instincts regarding the infinite nuances of the employee/employer relationship. Decades of experience allow us to offer informal, priceless advice that transcends the attorney-client paradigm. We think of ourselves (and our clients do, too) as trusted advisors.

In the real world, this may mean helping an employer unravel a messy termination, advising a client on the strengths and weaknesses of a potential age discrimination case, managing a contentious workplace dispute, or clarifying the need for documentation and proper procedure, and in some cases, defining it. In all of these situations, knowledge of the law is the beginning, but judgment, experience, and strategic thinking are the end.

Above all, our employment practice strives to prevent employment-related issues from distracting our clients from the job at hand. Our role is to handle the legal issues effectively – to say to our clients, in effect, “Don’t worry about it – we’ll handle this.” If we do our jobs well, our clients have the ability to do theirs – uninterrupted, and undistracted.

For more information on our Employment Law Focus Areas, please contact one of Rosen Hagood’s employment law attorneys today.