When construction work is performed on a private property in South Carolina, the contractor, sub-contractor or supplier may file a mechanic’s lien on the property as a way to ensure payment for services rendered. While a mechanics lien is a powerful way to ensure contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers get paid for work they do on construction projects or home repairs or improvements, the procedures are often complex, with strict deadlines. If you are having trouble getting paid for work you have performed, or have had a mechanics lien filed against your property, one of our experienced South Carolina construction attorneys can help.

A properly recorded construction lien encumbers the property owner’s outright ownership of the property, and makes it nearly impossible for the owner to sell or refinance the property without first getting the lien removed. If you prevail in a mechanic’s lien lawsuit you can also seek to recover legal costs and attorney fees.

If the property owner or a contractor or subcontractor has obtained a surety bond to guarantee all contractors receive payment for their work, it is possible to make a claim against that bond.

If you are involved in a dispute over a mechanic’s lien, whether as a contractor or a property owner, you should have the advice and assistance of a South Carolina attorney experienced in construction law. Regardless of whether the situation leading to the mechanics lien can be negotiated or requires going to court, our construction lawyers will help you protect your rights.