Every day you and your business deal with a wide variety of contracts and agreements. You’ve done the right thing and drawn up a contract. Both you and the other party have agreed to the terms and signed the document. Now one or more of the parties isn’t holding up their end of the agreement.

Your business or consumer contractual dispute may be over a disagreement regarding whether the work is being performed in the manner expected, whether an adequate and timely performance was made, or about the interpretation of a term in the contract. Though you and the other parties have tried to resolve the dispute, often it is not possible to agree on a solution.

If you are in a disagreement over a contract, our experienced business transaction attorneys can help. We’ll work with you in reviewing the contract, look at the situation that caused the dispute, and advise you concerning what you can do to protect your legal rights.

Types of Disputes

Some of the types of issues and disputes we have helped businesses and individuals resolve include:

•  Construction Contracts (owner v. contractor, contractor v. owner, contractor v. contractor)

•  Employment Contracts

•  Covenants Not to Compete, Solicit Customers or Employees, or Disclose Trade Secrets and other Restrictive Covenants

•  Contractor and Subcontractor Agreements

•  Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, and other Business Relationships

•  Commercial Leases

•  Easements

•  Land Sale Contracts

•  Buy/Sell Agreements

•  Option Contracts and Right of First Refusal Agreements

•  Professional Services Contracts

•  Insurance Coverage Issues and Claims

•  Intellectual property rights

•  Franchise and License Agreements

•  Financing Agreements

•  Asset Purchase Agreements

•  Stock Subscription Agreements

•  Business Mergers and Aquisitions

•  Shareholder Agreements

•  Loan and Mortgage Workouts

•  Loan Participation Agreements

•  Nondisclosure, Noncircumvention, and Confidentiality Agreements

•  Nondisparagement Agreements

•  Mechanic’s Liens

•  Bad Faith

•  Warranties

•  Waivers and Disclaimers

•  Liquidated Damages Clauses

•  Attorneys’ Fees Clauses

•  Arbitration Agreements

•  And More

Let us work with you if you are having a business contract dispute. Our business attorneys will discuss your legal options and recommend a course of action that will give you the best opportunity for a successful resolution.