We are so grateful for all that Rosen-Hagood did for us

Morgan Casper
Morgan Casper February 29, 2024

Andrew Gowdown along with his paralegal, Karen Nissen, handled our case with such professionalism, sensitivity and keeping our best interest in the forefront.

Our case itself was traumatic and Andrew quickly grasped and appreciated our situation as he met us at a time where we were impacted mentally, emotionally and physically. He sustained this support throughout the entire process. Andrew factored into his approach my personal pre-existing cancer treatment adding such empathy, compassion and guidance throughout the case. He employed a methodical and timely approach without creating any stress or pushiness on our end. Andrew sincerely valued our position and the sensitivity, and executed the entire process with consideration, outstanding communication and efficiency.

Karen Nissen, worked alongside Andrew Gowdown as his paralegal in our case. Her response time, communication and efficiency enabled the process to run smoothly and stress-free.
Both Andrew and Karen stayed on top, providing a great deal of attention to detail while offering excellent communication and prompt response times. We were so pleased with their efficiency and their ability to support us.

We are so grateful for all that Rosen-Hagood did for us and highly recommend Andrew Gowdown!

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