Frank Blanchard and Family Participate in OneWorld Health Outreach in Honduras

Rosen Hagood June 19, 2023

Frank Blanchard and Family Participate in OneWorld Health Outreach in Honduras

A few weeks ago, Rosen Hagood partner, Frank Blanchard and his family joined volunteers on a OneWorld Health outreach trip to Honduras. The team provided needed healthcare to nearly 400 people in two communities near Siguatepeque that lack access to quality medical care.

“It was really eye-opening and impactful for our family to volunteer in Honduras where access to healthcare is so limited. It was important to me for our children to see how blessed they are and how they can help others,” said Blanchard. “I think this experience has changed our family, and I expect that we will continue to serve on future mission trips.”

It was their first service trip as a family. The clinics they were a part of provided people in remote, impoverished communities with free access to nurses, doctors, medicine, and eyeglasses. Many of the people who came said they were so thankful for the chance to receive healthcare and have had different medical conditions for a long time.

While in Honduras, they toured the two permanent medical clinics OneWorld Health has built and saw potential spaces for a third clinic that OneWorld Health is fundraising to build in the densely populated capital of Tegucigalpa where there is a desperate need for healthcare.

OneWorld Health is a Charleston-based nonprofit that works to provide healthcare to communities in need. In 14 years, they have built 25 medical clinics across Central America and East Africa. They also run volunteer outreach trips throughout the year. Learn more at

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