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At Rosen Hagood, we understand that the end of a marriage is one of our clients’ most stressful and emotionally demanding experiences. Along with the emotional turmoil, clients worry about their financial security, child custody issues, protecting assets, and what will happen to them in the future as a result of the divorce.

This is particularly true when clients have substantial assets or successful professional careers — literally, everything they care about is at stake. Moreover, battles for custody of children create tremendous anxiety, so consulting with an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible is essential in these situations.

Without the help of an experienced divorce and family lawyer, clients often make uninformed decisions without proper legal advice in the heat of the moment that have severe and unexpected adverse consequences for them.

Working with Rosen Hagood

Rosen Hagood’s Charleston Family Lawyers will educate you and give you peace of mind about the family court process.  We strongly advocate for our clients throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Our divorce attorneys know that family law often involves very personal legal matters in child custody and property division cases, ranging from a spouse’s adultery to financial issues to concerns about parental fitness. Clients need family and divorce lawyers with the experience, legal knowledge, and interpersonal skills to help them through this significant life transition and experience.  Our attorneys have that knowledge, ability, and experience.

Our goal in every case is to arrive at a comprehensive solution as quickly as possible so that clients can move on with their lives. In many cases, this resolution can be accomplished with intelligent preparation and negotiation that leads to a settlement agreement in a relatively short time period.

Mediation is often the best and quickest way to accomplish this goal, but sometimes, the opposing spouse is irrational or unreasonable. Unfortunately, in these cases, and especially when issues are more complex, litigation becomes necessary — to either compel a fair settlement and/or to obtain a favorable result. We have extensive trial and appellate court experience, including handling complex cases involving business valuations, high-income/net worth cases, as well as high conflict custody matters.

Whether your situation is straightforward or complex, the family lawyers at Rosen Hagood will represent your best interests in all issues arising out of your family court matter.

A Reputation for Providing Efficient and Experienced Representation

Our family law partner, Alex Cash, is well-known and respected for his experience in family law.

Alex is a past President of the South Carolina Association for Justice, formerly known as the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association. He has held other positions of leadership in local and state bar associations, regularly lectures at the Charleston School of Law, and speaks to professional groups. Alex has also received the highest ratings from his peers for his legal abilities and ethical standards.

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