Adultery, substance abuse and domestic violence are serious issues.

The discovery of adultery by your spouse can be emotionally devastating.  You may have found the deleted email, the text message, and/or the repeated and secret late night cell phone calls on the phone bill. The loss of trust may be too much to overcome.

At Rosen Hagood, we will help you examine the evidence and obtain additional evidence necessary to legally prove your case of adultery. Sometimes, this may require the use of a private detective and/or a forensic computer expert. Adultery may also have a significant impact on your financial situation, because adultery committed by a spouse legally bars that spouse from obtaining any alimony in South Carolina.

Unfortunately, many persons across South Carolina experience domestic violence or have a spouse who abuses alcohol or drugs.  It can have a devastating effect on your marriage, your children, and your financial situation.

The safety of our clients is of our utmost concern, and anyone who is experiencing domestic violence needs to call the police or immediately separate from their spouse – which can be difficult when the other guilty spouse might control the finances and assets of the marriage.

We will help you in this process and discuss your alternatives.  In some situations – especially where children are involved – the Court will often mandate anger management counseling and/or limit contact with children to a supervised setting with the out of control spouse.

Moreover, if your spouse has a problem with drugs or alcohol, we will strongly urge the opposing party to seek help through Alcoholics Anonymous and mandate safety restrictions on any visitation with the children until the other parent can prove sobriety through mandatory testing.

Each family situation is unique, and we will listen to your concerns and help you through the process.