Forever grateful for her guidance and willingness

Rosen Hagood September 9, 2019

Attorney Dukes gave us hope during a time of disappointment and despair. She displayed the essence of true love in how she allowed herself to shield our family from what otherwise was a blistering storm of hate that had been thrust upon us in more ways than one. We are forever grateful for her guidance and willingness to embrace our family. Her poise, her unselfish character and humbling faith breathed greater life into our vision of love and forgiveness. We didn’t look for her; she found us and was the greatest sigh of hope and relief we would have seen for nearly a year following tragedy in our family that shook us all deeply. She along with her firm will forever be in our hearts as she’s demonstrated the same towards us. For your love, honesty, and humbling heart; we salute you and say thanks to you all. May God continue to use you to do his work and for the better of all mankind. Be Forever Blessed.