Rosen Hagood’s Business Law practice serves a wide range of clients throughout South Carolina, both individuals and all forms of business entities – corporations, sole proprietorships, franchises, partnerships, limited liability companies and more. Our team has advised clients on every aspect of the business lifecycle, including formation, corporate governance, employment law and regulations, supply chain relationships, various forms of administrative and regulatory compliance, financing, dissolution, and winding up. We have also counseled numerous clients on the purchase and the sale of businesses, and have particular experience in negotiation of leases related to cell towers.

A great deal of our work involves contracts and contract law – the agreements that are the building blocks of business relationships. We’ve drafted and negotiated countless contracts, including various forms of commercial leases and other related agreements and covenants. Our longstanding presence in the South Carolina business community often facilitates this work. We frequently have existing relationships that assist our clients in arriving at collectively satisfactory outcomes.

Business is ultimately and always personal. Whatever entity they represent or are engaged with, contract negotiations involve human beings sitting around a table communicating. Trust and integrity are essential, and this is a quality we strive to integrate into all the work our business lawyers conduct. This is especially essential in our dealings with our own clients.

We pride ourselves in particular on the personal service we provide to our clients. When you call your Rosen Hagood business attorney, you receive an attentive, prompt response. Because we know business is personal, we strive to get to know our business clients personally as well. We understand their priorities, their communications styles, and their day-to-day way of working. One client may want a thorough, careful exploration of the ramifications of a decision, while another simply wants his transaction completed, without being involved in the details. We take the time and make the effort to understand these preferences, and deliver accordingly.

In particular, we are biased towards educating our clients. We will thoroughly discuss the potential pitfalls of an intended course of action, including pitfalls the client may be unaware of. We do this not to dissuade our clients from closing a deal, or to protect ourselves, but because a business lawyer’s best client is an informed one. By ensuring that every client understands all the implications of an intended transaction, we are delivering optimum client service.

Many transactions require the support or participation of various forms of third-party experts, such as accountants, valuation experts or consultants. Our 71 year history in South Carolina is helpful here as well. Through decades of experience, we know which experts are appropriate for what situation, both from a technical and a cost-effectiveness perspective. Often, all it takes to engage them is a phone call: they know us, and we know them.

Finally, we never forget that our role as attorneys is to help our business clients do business. Legal issues are a means to an end, and that end is the operation of profitable, strategic businesses, of whatever kind. Our job is to help make that happen. For many years, we have kept that objective front and center – and we always will.

2021 Community Service Scholarship

The Rosen Hagood Law Firm is proud to announce the 2021 Community Service Scholarship. In an effort to improve the community and give back to those who have made a difference, $1000 will be given to a student who can actively demonstrate their commitment to community service. Please visit our scholarship page for more information on how to apply.